Star student: Bella Taylor

Bella Taylor
Bella Taylor

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The ambitions are big for fourth grader Bella Taylor.

"I want to go to college.  I really want to go to Harvard and if I don't make it to Harvard then I want to go to Alabama," she says.

Bella is one of those students teachers love.

The straight A gifted student manages her grades and a ton of activities.  Not only does Bella play the piano and take gymnastics, she's a gifted artist who loves to paint and draw. She also competes in dance.

Her teacher, Ana Lisa Cruz, says Bella is a model student.

"Bella's very good at managing everything that she does," said Cruz.

She believes students who have extracurricular activities learn a discipline that carries over into the classroom.

"It's made her an amazing student and she's so kind hearted with all of her friends, classmates, teachers, everybody,"said Cruz.

Bella says her goal is to get the best education so she can go on to a top university.

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