Eat Right program offers hope for weight loss

Huntsville Hospital offers services for new Eat Right program.
Huntsville Hospital offers services for new Eat Right program.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Janet Crawford is a long time nurse practitioner who is very familiar with health care. During our visit, she was in her fourth week with the new Eat Right program at Huntsville Hospital.

This health enthusiast is also very familiar with diet failure.

"I've done a year of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Atkins, Slim Fast. I've done it all and spent a lot of money," she said.

She said her efforts have been earnest, but with little results.

"I've been a gym member for years and years. I've done personal trainers and was never successful," said Crawford.

Once she hit a certain point in her program, she literally avoided grocery stores. That's because her meals are prepackaged.

So why this program?

"Because I've spent so much money on things that don't work. And I really want my life back. So I chose a program that was well researched, well supported, and was something that was going to be successful," said Crawford.

One person researching the model is Dr. Zia Hassen, an Internal Medicine Physician for 15 years.

"We felt that this was going to be a benefit for all our clients here and in our practice as well as other patients who want to lose weight, in a supervised way - in a medically supervised way," said Hassen.

He said they are also keeping an eye on other, related conditions, like diabetes, blood pressure and more.  He said the plan is very structured and it's based on a lifestyle change.

"We're using low calories to help them lose weight. We have behavior therapy here, and we also have physical therapy and exercise plan here," Hassen said.

Each specific plan is geared toward the patient, which Crawford claims is successful for her.

"This program has all the support that none of the other programs have. You have a behaviorist. You have a dietician. You have an exercise physiologist. You have your physician," said Crawford.

She said it's a support team leading to success.

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