Star Student fluent in Spanish, learning Japanese

Javier Nishikawa
Javier Nishikawa

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Teachers at Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School had no problem when it came to nominating a Star Student from their school. Javier Nishikawa was one of the first students that came to mind.

They said Javier is an eager learner who listens and just all around good kid. The 13 year old takes his education seriously.

"In whatever I choose, I want to be successful, so I need to have a good education," said Javier.

While the 8th grade honor roll student is a model student, he gives all the credit to his teachers.

"If it's a good teacher, she can usually make it more enjoyable, and then you can also learn more and you sort of look forward to class," he said.

Javier enjoys math and science. He also fluent in Spanish and is learning Japanese. His teachers and peers have ideas of where Javier's future might take him, but he said, for now, his focus is on getting a good education.

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