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Class Act - Lakeside School in Eufaula


He just needed a job.  It turned into a lifetime career.   More than 40 years ago Robert Jackson was just looking for work.   So he stopped by a local school.   "I said do yall have a teaching job available?" Jackson said.   "And just so happens they had a teacher quit. They said can you teach science?  I said I will try.  I liked it, got my teaching certificate, and the rest is history."

Now Mr. Jackson is in his 12th year at Lakeside School in Eufaula.   He loves working with high school kids.   "I enjoy helping kids go through the teenage transition into adulthood."   And like a lot of teachers, he likes it when his students turn the corner.  "Helping kids understand difficult concepts, breaking it down and helping them understand something difficult is what I really enjoy.  

He's a school favorite with a passion for the classroom.  Mr. Robert Jackson from Lakeside School in Eufaula, this week's Class Act.

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