New Hope Children's Clinic is convenient for parents

The clinic will help parents sign up their children for WIC, All Kids, and Medicaid.
The clinic will help parents sign up their children for WIC, All Kids, and Medicaid.

NEW HOPE, AL (WAFF) - Deidre Harris's 10-year-old daughter, Daisy, is at the New Hope Children's Clinic. She said they are comfortable here.

"We love the clinic being here in New Hope. Daisy got sick yesterday at school and I was concerned. So I just called and I got straight in this morning," said Harris.

Executive Director Marci Williams said they have a mission.

"We serve Owens Cross Roads and New Hope. We never turn a child away, whether they have insurance or not," she said.

They will help parents sign up their children for WIC, All Kids, and Medicaid.  And she said they are always in need of people willing to give of their time.

"Our physicians on staff are volunteers. We do have one nurse practitioner who is on staff and works part time. Most of our doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners - they're all volunteers," added Williams.

Children can get eye checkups, well child checkups, and sports physicals for $10.

One of the reasons this clinic has been so successful in this community has to do with the proximity to the schools. It's literally right across the parking lot from the elementary school, the middle school, and the high school. A volunteer from the clinic can go get a child and walk them back to the clinic if they become ill at school.

Williams said that makes their job easy.

"It's nice being right here on campus. If the school nurse over there finds anything or anything she thinks we need to see, we can see the patient. We have volunteers that walk over there and get them and bring them back. We can write the school notes and hand deliver them as well. We can also see patients from Owens Cross Roads from their schools as well," she said.

"The convenience of it - it's awesome. The doctor's here are great. There's someone here every day, and we can rely on them. The kids love them," said Harris.

The clinic is closed on Fridays, but they satellite office for the health department.

"They come in on Friday's to provide vouchers for WIC. Women can pick up the vouchers for formula, diapers, that sort of thing. They also have a computer right here in our lobby where they can apply for it too," said Williams.

The clinic is for children ages 3 to 21, if they are in school.  The clinic is a not for profit organization.

You can call New Hope Children's Clinic at 256-723-4673.

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