Amy Bishop Anderson appeals capital murder verdict

Amy Bishop pleading guilty in Madison County courtroom.
Amy Bishop pleading guilty in Madison County courtroom.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Attorneys for Amy Bishop Anderson filed a notice of appeal in Madison County Circuit Court.

The document states Bishop Anderson contacted her defense team and told them she wanted to appeal the verdict and sentence from her capital murder trial.

Bishop Anderson pleaded guilty to shooting six people, killing three on the UAH campus in 2010.

Alabama law requires a capital murder charge to go before a jury. The jury in this case found her guilty and sentenced her to life in prison.

Legal expert Mark McDaniel said there aren't many explanations for Bishop Anderson trying to get her case back into court now.

Her plea deal came with the condition that prosecutors not try to have her put to death, and she was instead sentenced to life in prison. It was a deal to which she and prosecutors agreed.

The notice of appeal, filed about 4 Monday afternoon, said nothing about why she's trying to appeal, what grounds she could have for contesting a plea agreement she made and said in court she was making of her own free will.

One possible complaint she could make is about her lawyers, and about 15 minutes after the appeal notice, Bishop Anderson's defense team filed papers asking to withdraw as her attorneys.

"They're outstanding lawyers.  They're not going to file some frivolous appeal.  They're not going to do something that's contrary to what they agreed to.  They're officers of the court and they agreed to this along with her," said McDaniel.

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