Decatur teen travels across the world to help those in need

Hattie O'Hara is this week's Star Student.
Hattie O'Hara is this week's Star Student.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - "As Americans, we have the potential to just sit here in our bubble," said Decatur Senior Hattie O'Hara.

She's determined to make sure she's not one of those people.

"We lived in the amazon for three weeks and we got to bathe in the Amazon River," she remembered.

The world traveler has seen a lot at such a young age, but it's been for missions.

"You come back home and you realize exactly what we have that we take for granted," said O'Hara.

She spent time in Peru, but this past summer she realized a dream and went to Kenya.

"It was a good trip and I learned a lot about my self and I know for a fact that I made an impact and I changed people's lives and that's really comforting. Once you go there and you realize that everyone there isn't a sad crying African child, people there have life stories, they have dreams, they have really good days, they have really bad days," she said.

Because she's been brave enough to bust out of her small town bubble and explore all that the world has to offer, while helping those in need, Decatur high schools Hattie O'Hara is our star student of the week.

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