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UAH professor predicts presidential race a close one


The November elections are just a few days away, researchers at UAH have confirmed this year's presidential race to be a close one.

Senior Research Scientist Dr. Wes Colley calculated his latest predictions on the outcome of the presidential race Sunday.

Dr. Colley crunches numbers to figure out how each state will vote and which candidate will win overall.

Dr. Colley said after two weeks things have definitely changed and he's getting a clearer picture now with the election just two days away.

"In the last week we've seen Romney cede some states back to Obama. He had a tie in New Hampshire a week ago and was ahead in Colorado. Now Colorado has gone back to Obama. New Hampshire is pushing more toward Obama and now Virginia is a toss-up after Romney had held it for a few weeks," said Dr. Colley.

Colley said it's still a tight race, but as of Sunday his calculations place Gov. Mitt Romney with 234 electoral votes and President Obama with 291, leaving 13 votes up for grabs.

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