Failed robberies lead to triple arrest

Jon King
Jon King
Cameron Emens
Cameron Emens
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson


Decatur Police arrested three people in connection with a series of robberies Friday.

Police said that on Friday just before 5 a.m., Jon Matthew King drove up to a Walmart employee, jumped out and brandished a knife at her. He demanded money from the woman.

The woman screamed and ran towards the store to draw attention. King jumped back into the truck, driven by 19-year-old Cameron Emens and fled.

Later, armed with a Halloween mask and BB gun, King, Emens and Cameron Wilson returned to the Walmart but police were present getting a report from the previous victim so the men left.

They went to the Pay-Less gas station on Spring Avenue. King put on the Halloween mask and went inside.

King brandished the BB gun at two employees and a female patron and demanded money. The two employees refused. A third employee came out from the back cooler.

King took off his mask and pretended to know one of the employees. He said he was joking.

The employees flagged down police, and King fled the scene with Emens and Wilson.

Police spotted the vehicle and followed it. An officer stopped the truck and located the mask and BB gun in the vehicle.

The officer took everyone into custody, including two other men who were lying down in the bed of the truck.

Investigators questioned all the men. The two men found in the bed were released without charges.

King and Emens were charged with two counts of first degree robbery. Their bonds were set at $20,000.

Wilson was charged with making a false report to police. His bond was set at $500.

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