How Medicaid's Front And Center In Alabama Today

We're taking a closer look at Medicaid in Alabama today. Governor Bentley's scheduled an advisory committee meeting today to help get the program on the right track. WAFF 48's Lauren Morrison's checking out who's on the committee and what they're hoping to accomplish. Look for her live reports at 5:04, 6:02 and 6:50.

We're just five days away from the big election, and there's a lot more on the ballot than just the presidential race. There are a slew of amendments. This morning, Christine Pae will break down what's in them and what you need to know so you can figure out if you should vote yea or nay. She'll join us live at 5:06, 5:34, 6:04 and 6:34.

And it's cooler this morning, but it doesn't feel as chilly as it did yesterday or the day before. Meteorologist Jeff Castle is tracking the temps and the gradual warm-up this week. He has that and your upcoming weekend forecast in your Weather On The Tens.

Can you believe we're in November already? We are. It's November 1st and, yes, we're still celebrating the bounty from Halloween! If you have some pictures from last night's fun. Click right here!

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-- Jim Abath