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Young voters cast their ballots in mock election


Rainbow Elementary students may be too young to officially cast their ballot, but they got to take part in a mock election Tuesday.

Students from second to sixth grade got to choose between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The votes were collected from each class and tallied up.

As the results came in, a large diagram of each class in the school was colored in. They were colored either blue or red, much like each state is classified in the Presidential election.

Principal Dorinda White said they aren't concerned about the results of the mock election, they just want the kids to start thinking early about the election process.

"We want them to understand that they have a voice, and they have a choice."

11-year-old Cassie Volkin was one of the young voters. She said she knows her vote didn't count in this election, but one day it will.

"One day we're going to have to vote and we don't want to vote for the wrong president."

Mitt Romney took this election. He had 308 votes while President Obama only had 191.

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