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Arab high school student expelled for semester, will graduate in May


The Arab School Board decided to expel the student who brought an unloaded gun on campus until January. He will be allowed to graduate with his class in May.

The student will have to make up the work that he misses through a credit recovery program.

It was standing room only in the library at Arab High School Monday night.

Parents, friends and students came out to support the student who brought an unloaded 12-gage shotgun on school property while he ran inside to pick up school work he missed while he was out sick.

The teen was suspended while school officials decided how the case should be handled. His attorney feels he's paid his dues, but the decision was up to the school board.

The student's attorney said he never meant anyone harm. He said it was a mistake, and he should be allowed back in school.

In 2007, the Arab City School Board adopted a policy of a mandatory one year expulsion for a student caught bringing a weapon to school.

Federal and state laws allow the school board to handle these type of instances on a case by case basis, but local policies do not, so the school board is trying to amend their policy. 

They have moved to add a couple of sentences to the policy which gives the Board and Superintendent more leeway when it comes to expulsion requirements.

The policy change reads in part, "...the Board and Superintendent may modify the expulsion requirement for a student on a case-by-case basis."

School officials decided to allow the teen to graduate with his class, but he is expelled until January 3rd. 

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