AHSAA using new communication system for officials Friday Night

        For the second straight year, the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) will demonstrate its innovative approach to officiating by using the Vokkero Officiating Communication System in select regular season games and at the Super 6 Football Championships.

The system will be utilized by the officiating crew working Friday night's Class 5A contest between Muscle Shoals and Cullman at Cullman. All members of the seven-man officiating crew will be equipped with the communications system during the contest.

"The officials that have utilized the Vokkero system have finished their contests with positive comments," said Greg Brewer, AHSAA Director of Officials.  "We are excited to continue our evaluation this year."

Vokkero is widely used in international soccer by FIFA, UEFA and CONCACAF. Last season, the AHSAA became the first organization to work with the Vokkero in football games. Building upon that success, the Southeastern Conference has been piloting the system and given it excellent reviews.

An identical system is being testing by an SEC officiating crew in Saturday's Tennesse-South Carolina game at Columbia, S.C.

Vokkero allows the entire on-field officiating crew to remain in contact with each other during game play by employing small transceivers in belt packs worn by the officials. The system includes  microphones that transmit voice messages to the other officials. Officials have found the system aids game management, particularly with 'no huddle' offenses, calling out pre-snap keys, alerts of unusual formations, handling substitutions and penalty administration.
        "Vokkero is extremely pleased to be working with the AHSAA again. The AHSAA has proven to be a national leader among the state associations," said Bob D'Ostilio, Business Development Manager for the Vokkero Officiating Communication System.