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Sister offers boy for sale on Craigslist

Source: Florence Police Source: Florence Police

Police are calling a Craigslist ad offering a boy for sale a family prank.

Police said the advertisement offered a "12-year-old joyfull [sic] little boy (real) needing a good home, and caring people to be around," for sale for $1,200 in Northwest Alabama.

Officials said they first learned of the ad last week. They were worried someone might really be trying to sell a child.

Police said the ad was actually posted by the boy's sister, a high school student, as a prank.

Officers said the prank was no laughing matter, and the girl is being counseled not to do it again.

"Kids and parents need to realize is when you do something like this, you can lure the wrong kind of person, and you're endangering the child by putting their image out there. Just their image alone can be exploited and you not even know it," said Mike Holt with Florence PD.

Police said no charges will be filed in the case.

They said they did, however, have a long talk with the teen's sister about the serious nature of her so-called prank.

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