Alabama-Tennessee game a tough Sunseri gathering

KNOXVILLE, TN (AP) - The Sunseri family can't win in this Alabama-Tennessee game - or lose, for that matter.

Vinnie Sunseri is a safety for the top-ranked Crimson Tide, and father Sal Sunseri is the Volunteers' defensive coordinator. The only saving grace of Saturday's family get-together is that they're both involved with the respective defenses, not going head-to-head.

Vinnie Sunseri called the week "hard, hard, hard."

Especially on his mother, Roxann. Vinnie Sunseri and his parents watched another sibling, Pittsburgh quarterback Tino, during the shared open date for Alabama and Tennessee.

Vinnie says "she becomes a wreck" during her loved ones' games.

He says he's not sure she's even going to this one.

Sal Sunseri says, "It's going to be hard Saturday night when that kid walks on the field and hugs me."

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