Huntsville's Disturbia offers plenty of frights and gore

Disturbia offers up lots of action and gore, boils and ghouls - a hall of horror in Bobby's Bama.
Disturbia offers up lots of action and gore, boils and ghouls - a hall of horror in Bobby's Bama.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Shane Dabbs is the mastermind behind Disturbia. He said it's a lot of work, but well worth it.

"I think the big thing now, especially if you're going to charge 20, 25, 30 bucks, we have to stay in line with the big theme parks, have to be able to rival them. You know it's fun, but it's a very expensive production, and you'll find Hollywood sets here, for sure," he said.

The manmade haunt is a huge space with a lot of sets. As the lights go down and you enter, there's a dragon ready to greet you.  You're likely to find some people "lying down on the job" in coffins - not yet buried.

"The attraction is about 45,000 square feet. It's 80 plus rooms and it's a mixture of about 70 plus actors with animatronics in the rooms you go through," said Dabbs.

A hunting collection displays the heads of animal and human prizes on the wall.  This spooky room sets you up for the rest of the tour.  There are hallways which seem to cave in on you. The walls move and there are psychedelic lights making you feel like you are about to be buried.

If you have a fear of bugs, this might not be your cup of tea. Roaches and small critters are in abundance.  Be careful which window you want to look out - someone may want in. A man pops up banging on the window.

There is a large doll collection you wouldn't be caught dead playing with.  Each looks like they are a victim of Freddie Krueger's knives.

And try NOT to disturb the giant rat while he's eating - or you could become desert!

A wrong turn takes you into a catacomb, with skull lined walls.

Now and then an eerie mist covers the floor.  Look up, and you realize you are in a morgue! Suddenly a morgue attendant pops up and beckons you to come and play. His playthings are tools covered in blood. If you try to escape, there's a bridge that can make you dizzy.

A quick turn and you make your way to the circus. The entry way is unsettling with decapitated clown heads dangling from the ceiling. Suddenly, a crazy clown with a scary case of the giggles show ups.  He must have been the last thing these guys saw in a place they wish they'd never clowned around in.

If you're hungry, Dead Debbie's Diner can dish up anything for your dining delicacies.   Ever wonder what happens when that diet fails? One of the circus sideshows is a fellow who must weigh thousands of pounds.  He is one massive mound of flesh.  This guy looks like the nemesis of Austin Powers.

"We have a lot of eye candy that a lot of smaller haunts don't have," Dabbs added. "We offer a full environment - not just a haunted house."

Some ghouls coming to greet you - or get you - are actually a combination of actors and puppets.  They move really fast.  The crypt keeper has lantern in hand ready to complete your tour.

There are so many different surprises, especially if you are prone to phobias. And if you are, there are all sorts of things to get hysterical about - like huge, hissing snakes.

Disturbia offers up lots of action and gore, boils and ghouls - a hall of horror in Bobby's Bama. 

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