Amendment 8 lets voters cut Ala. legislators' pay

MONTGOMERY, AL (AP) - Alabama legislators are giving voters the opportunity to cut lawmakers' pay in the election Nov. 6.

To do it, voters will have to work their way through a long list of proposed constitutional amendments until they get to Amendment 8.

The amendment's sponsor, Republican Mike Ball of Huntsville, figures it's an opportunity voters can't pass up. He predicts it will pass in a landslide.

The amendment would replace the 61% raise the Legislature gave itself in 2007. It would set legislators' pay at the state's median household income and give them the same travel reimbursement as state employees. The typical annual compensation would drop from about $55,000 annually to $47,000.

Opponents say the Legislature needs to go back to its pre-2007 compensation of nearly $37,000.

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