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Board accepts member's resignation after controversial Facebook post

Jim Fisher wrote a letter of resignation after making a controversial Facebook post. Jim Fisher wrote a letter of resignation after making a controversial Facebook post.

A special meeting of the Florence school board was held on Tuesday.

The issue was former board member Jim Fisher resigned after a controversial post on Facebook.

The often sarcastic note was posted on October 10 on Fisher's personal page. The page is public and most posts are viewable to anyone.

It calls out the Times Daily newspaper, complaining of lopsided editorials and articles, railing against the board.

He also makes comments critical of teachers, saying he is "amazed that many teachers do not know that their salaries are set by the state, not the local board.

"I am also a bit disappointed that at least some don't know the board chose to pay them almost $1-million per year above the state salary schedule. We don't have to do that, ya know," he said in the Facebook post.

Soon after the post, board president Bill Jordan scolded Fisher, saying the rant was inappropriate.

The next day, Fisher wrote a letter of resignation.

Tuesday, the board held a meeting to formally accept that resignation. Fisher said he feels he did the right thing by stepping down.

Fisher's seat was vacant, and his name tag removed during the meeting, as the former school board member sat next to his wife, waiting to hear what the board had to say. There was no discussion of the resignation, and the board voted unanimously to accept it.

Fisher said although his remarks on Facebook were perceived as damaging to the school board, he said they weren't intended to be that way.

"I wish the flies on the walls could report back to the teachers on how much I have defended them and supported their generous salaries towards knuckleheads out in the community that don't understand the hard work that they put in and the long hours, but all those 'atta boys go down the drain with a few wrong comments," said Fisher.

He also said he feels Florence has the best superintendent in the state, and that there are only good things to come for the school system.

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