Enrichment Center redefines mental illness

Dr. Larry Little is changing the way people view "mental health."
Dr. Larry Little is changing the way people view "mental health."

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Personal, couples, and family counseling are only a few of the services offered by The Enrichment Center.   Dr. Larry Little founded The Enrichment Center and travels across the country leading seminars. He's authored several books and said mental illness and mental health, both, have a stigma attached.

"I think that people shy away from that term. The truth is that we all have things that we struggle with. We have issues that face us on a daily basis," he said.

Because of those stigmas, he said, we are reluctant to get help for fear of being labeled. The goal here is to provide a team of educated, licensed counselors to walk with mainstream America.

"They may center around parenting issues, center around transitional issues and your job, and career or aging issues," added Little.

He said The Enrichment Center has found a niche, not with severe mental illness, but more everyday issues and self awareness.

The Enrichment Center Group is two companies, including the center, counseling, and Eagle Consulting.

"We work with leaders on a national and international level, literally across the world. What we've found is that leaders really don't need tactical skills in the how-to's of leading. Leaders need someone who can build a relationship with them," Little said.

He said they focus on employee effectiveness and leadership strategies. That includes executive coaching, and even pre-employment assessment and evaluation.

Melissa Hambrick Jackson is the Chief Operating Officer of Eagle Consulting.

"There are two tenants that are very important to us - growth and excellence being one of those are core values that drive us," said Jackson.

They say they will provide the individual or group practical tools and options to help clients help themselves.  A personal example might be an individual dealing with grief.  Little gives a description of how to cope with such feelings.

"Another tool is to simply create a journal and when these grief feelings overcome you, and instead of allowing that to cause you to get stuck or polarized, but to write in the journal," he said.

Whether it's an individual or a company, the ideals behind redefining mental health is to make sure the mind is clearer, the individual healthier, and the focus on relationships.

Little also authored Make a Difference.

His leadership model has been used by several businesses, including: NASA; Alabama Power; Intergraph; Dynetics; Auburn University Leadership-Blue Ridge Conference and many others.

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