Star Student brings new meaning to homework

When you think of a homeschooler, a lot of things come to mind.

"People just think that we're the people with the sweater vest and everything," laughed Kolby Penton.

But Kolby said the stereotypes, for the most part are wrong. While he does study from home he attends some classes with other home schooled students. He said the classes are intense and the expectations high.

"I have a really high GPA, but, I'm by no means going to be valedictorian because we have like two National Merit Scholars," said Kolby.

The high school senior manages to keep up his grades while having a busy social life. Kolby loves music and has played the guitar for years. He's even a part of his church's praise team. Volunteering is very important to the teen and the key club makes sure he puts in his community time.

His advice to students who say it's impossible to make the grade and have fun, "Do your best in everything. What you put forth is what you get back."

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