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Closer look at campus police and guns


Toxicology reports are still pending on a University of Southern Alabama student who was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

A friend of 18-year-old Gil Collar saIDhe took LSD with Collar the night he was killed.

In the wake of this shooting, we decided to take a closer look at local universities and their campus police policies.

We talked to UAH Police Chief Michael Snellgrove, who saID his officers are all state certified and authorized to carry firearms. All officers on the force must go through regular training sessions.

Officers also carry batons and pepper spray. Reports indicateD that the USA officer involved in the shooting was not carrying either.

Chief Snellgrove said his officers go through rigorous training, but it's difficult to prepare for every scenario you might come across on the job.

"There's no specific guideline that says this is the way you must handle every single scenario because they are so dynamic."

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