Hand Made Pottery: A secret jewel in Oak Grove

OAK GROVE, AL (WAFF) - Take a hot kiln, some creativity and a love for pottery and it's a sure thing you're at Pfeiffer Fire Arts in Oak Grove Alabama. The Pfeiffers got their potter's wheel churning in 2003.

"Dan and I had both done pottery many, many years ago. We were looking for a retirement business," said co-owner Laurel Pfeiffer.  She owns the business with her husband.

And the business is doing very well. They sell their wares wholesale from their gallery, online and at festivals around the area.

"It gets very hectic and is definitely a lot of work, but you know you put yourself into it and it's very gratifying," said Pfeiffer as she prepared for the Old Time Fiddlers Convention.

You might think a cornbread baker is fragile, but it is very durable. They're microwave, oven and even freezer safe.

And the gallery is hot, in more ways than one.

"When we do our bisque firing, which is the first firing, it's 1930 degrees. That takes out all the chemical water and all the organics and everything," explained Pfeiffer. "And then on the glaze firing, we go up to about 2400 degrees," added Pfeiffer.

You name it, they've got it. And even some things you probably haven't heard of. Most of it is on display in a small gallery. In addition to the corn bread cooker, they have spoon rests, butter keepers, mushrooms and even a gizmo which keeps yarn untangled so you can knit or crochet your own home made goodies.

"We use the potter's wheel for 90 percent of what you see back here is done on the wheel. But we also do slab work. We do hand building, sometimes pinch pots and things like that," said Pfeiffer.

And it takes some time to go through the process.

"Well it takes six weeks from the time we start it. Because that's all he drying time, and thing that has to go on," added Pfeiffer.

But worth the wait, in Bobby's Bama.

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