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My Take - Laptops

There has been a lot of talk about Huntsville City schools decision to have lap tops replace textbooks. It is a move that saves money and puts needed technology in the hands of our kids. But it is not all good news. Many of the lesson plans and textbooks cannot be accessed without internet access. That isn't a problem for kids who have internet access at home, but for those whose parents cannot afford it, it is a major stumbling block. Making matters worse, the stumbling block is being placed at the feet of children who are already facing major challenges. Nationally, less than 20% percent of kids from low-income families read at grade level. The district says the digital transition is part of their new business style approach to education. Whatever happened to a student first approach to education? In business, you can be successful even if you lose money on some items. Those items are called loss leaders. In life, Huntsville's poorest kids should never be loss leaders.

I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's My Take, what's yours?

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