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My Take - Teen Threats

We are witnessing a disturbing trend of parents not taking threats against their children seriously. Last week we brought you the story of a high school student allegedly shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend. The next day a Moulton student showed a school councilor threatening text messages she received from her boyfriend. The school was immediately placed on lock down. If you think the parents of that young woman are praising the actions of Lawrence County schools for their quick action think again. The young lady's mother contacted us complaining that the school went too far by locking the school down and that the boy was not serious. Parents, be parents! There is nothing funny about, and nothing ok about, being threatened by a current or former boyfriend or girlfriend. Any young man who thinks it is ok to threaten your daughter is a young man that should never again have contact with your daughter.

I'm WAFF 48 General Manager Vanessa Oubre and that is my take, what's yours?

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