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My Take: UNA Campus Living

Earlier this month, the University of North Alabama announced it was going to require incoming freshman to live on campus. They are not the first in our state to do it and they likely won't be the last. The university's goal is to create a close knit community but at what cost? U-N-A has long been a commuter campus. A large portion of students have to work full time and live at home or with friends to even afford to go there. To require living on campus will cause many to make a tough choice: go into debt or go without a degree. In these tough economic times, our colleges should be reducing the barriers to a great education, not adding to them. Making students live on campus won't cost "the university" a dime. But it may cost countless potential students the opportunity to pursue a better life for them and their families. I believe our public universities should worry less about filling their coffers and more about filling their classrooms. I'm Vanessa Oubre and this is my take, what's yours?

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