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Canned tuna causing controversy in schools


School lunch rooms are catching flack for serving canned tuna.

One group is saying the canned fish is so toxic, it should be pulled from cafeterias. That's because high levels of mercury were found in canned tuna sold to schools.

While tuna isn't the most popular item on the school lunch menu, the a coalition of consumer groups wants to make sure kids aren't getting too much.

They are suggesting schools limit canned tuna servings to twice a month, and then phase it out.

When it comes to feeding your child the canned fish, the group said kids under 55 pounds should only eat "light" tuna once a month, and kids weighing more than that should eat it no more than twice a month.

They also found that eating albacore, or white tuna, can triple a child's mercury exposure.

They say you should not give it to your kids at all.

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