Huntsville Stars Season Ticket Holders World Series Party

Season ticket holders, save the date: Thursday, October 25th!  The time is yet to be determined for our annual World Series Clubhouse Party, but get the date on your calendar.  Food and drinks will be provided and we'll watch Game 2 of the World Series in the home clubhouse.  Additionally, we'll have door prize drawings, a merchandise sale with huge savings and a night of fun.  Look for an invitation in your mailbox in the near future.  The teams?  It'll be the American League champion Texas Rangers (again) at Milwaukee on this night because the NL has the home field advantage.

Go ahead and laugh…who's the hottest team in baseball right now?  Don't think that the LA Dodgers and St Louis Cardinals aren't looking over their shoulders.  Think back to the Cardinals run last season.  If you're hot in September you can run the table in October.

How about the Green Bay Packers a few years ago?  They finished the season 10-6.  The division leading Chicago Bears had a late season crack at 'em in what was a must win game for Green Bay just to land a wild card berth.  The Bears either took the day off, played lightly or just plain got scorched, but that defeat allowed the Packers to join the post-season party where they thumbed their noses at everybody, kicked the dog snot out of the Bears (Jay Cutler's mysterious injury) and ran the table because all you have to do is get an invitation to dance.  Then everybody's equal.  It's like that kid, Jack, that crashed the party on the Titanic, from steerage to first class just like that.  What was the quote?  "This morning I was in third class and now here I am having dinner with you nice folks!"  The Cardinals did it last year on a night where you were pushing (mashing for Allison Tofflemire) buttons  on your remote quicker than a teenager can text.  Remember that madness?  The Orioles, Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, Cardinals, Astros, Braves and Phillies; four games deciding who was making the post-season?  That was absolutely the craziest ending to a baseball season ever and yet, here we are staring down another wild ending.  Some of those teams and fans will never forget that night last season and neither will some of you.  But here we are, a couple weeks to go and anything can – and probably will – happen.

What if, just what if the Brewers had defeated the Cardinals just once more during the regular season in 2011?  I know, if is the middle word in life.  But if the Cardinals lose just one more game they would've missed the dance and the Brewers arguably could've advanced to the World Series.  One win was all it took.  I think there was a game late in the season where the Brewers blew a three-run lead over the Cardinals and that just keeps coming back in Brewers fans nightmares.  Good for the Cardinals for hanging in there last season just as the Brewers are now doing.

So, before you pencil in the teams in the post-season, make sure you have an eraser handy because the Brewers aren't going away quietly.  If they make it they'll deserve it because they have four games against the MLB best Washington Nationals and three against the NL Central leading Cincinnati Reds who are probably thinking about how this team that has come back from the dead could come certainly come back to haunt them in October.  "They're like freaking zombies," a Pirates fan said of the Brewers at Buffalo Wild Wings this past Sunday.

If you aren't a season ticket holders and want to join the fun in the clubhouse simply stop by the Box Office and see Sydney Marcelain.  You can test-drive a seat in the stadium and a $50 deposit is all you need to lock in your season ticket.  You can make payments on your season tickets all the way up to opening day in April.  Season tickets are only $385, or $5.50 per game.  You have a reserved seat, receive discounted parking and are invited to season ticket holder picnics, the World Series party, etc.  Unused season tickets can be used for future games so your game tickets never go to waste.  If you have questions call Syd at (256) 882-2562 or email her at  Or, call Sydney to RSVP and she can have your registration available to you when you show up for the party.  You can complete the form, select your seat and make a deposit then and it'll save you a trip to the ballpark now.  She's making it easy on you.  Sydney says that her middle name is Convenience; hey, don't ask me, it's what her parents thought would be cool name at the time.  It must be an Ohio thing.  We'll get an explanation on it when her mom and dad come to visit next season.