WAFF 48 Star Student: Patrick Fitzgerald

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - Sparkman High School senior Patrick Fitzgerald hopes to one day go into politics.

For now, he's busy leading his community service organization, writing for the campus newspaper, and tapping into his Italian roots by playing soccer for the school team.

Fitzgerald is fluent in Italian and aspires to learn more languages.

"When I'm out of college, I hope to be fluent in three other languages other than English," he said.

Fitzgerald has clear ambitions and already has several accomplishments to boot, just to name a few. His favorite subject is history and he excelled in AP English, due to his love for writing.

He's also one of the few Democrats at his high school. Fitzgerald started the Sparkman Democrats Association this year.

Of all his goals, Fitzgerald says his eye is on the political field. He served as governor for Alabama's Boys State in Tuscaloosa and participated in Boys Nation.

Just this past summer, he spent a month in Washington D.C. to work with U.S. representative Terri Sewell (D-7th District).

"It was the experience that you don't necessarily get from watching C-Span or the news. You can't really see what goes on the background when the doors of the office are closed," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald says he wants to run for office in his home state of Alabama someday. His teachers are already rooting for him.

Crystal Hodgens, Fitzgerald's AP Language teacher, said she would vote for him.

"I think that a lot of us especially in political processes end up screaming at each other instead of sitting down and having a conversation. The one thing he is really gifted at is having that conversation with people," Hodgens said.

Fitzgerald extends his leadership role in the classroom to the community as well. During his freshman year, he founded a group called Sparkman in the Community.

"We host walkathons, we do drives for the military, [send] letters or care packages. We've done it every year since our freshman year," Fitzgerald said.

He said if a career in politics does not pan out, he'll be glad to work in public service. He also has an interest in international business.

And with the election coming up in November, Fitzgerald has a busy few months ahead as he leads Sparkman High's Democratic Association.

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