Woman loses weight after 'Starbucks diet'

ALEXANDRIA, VA (WAFF) - Step aside, Jared from Subway. A woman says she lost weight by eating only at Starbucks everyday for two years.

66-year-old Christine Hall said she lost 85 pounds by having three meals a day at the coffee shop.

"Losing weight is hard. But I realized I could do it. I found a system that worked," Hall said.

Hall gave credit to the nutrition information that Starbucks labels on all of its packaged foods. She said this helped her keep track of every calorie she consumed.
"You know a lot of people look at the top shelf and they think it's muffins and fattening things, but look down on the second shelf and there's really healthy choices," she said.

Hall said she had oatmeal and black coffee everyday for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, she ate ham and cheese paninis or a "Bistro Box" meal.

Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield said like many diets, Hall's so-called "Starbucks diet" won't work long-term and is not healthy.

"When you follow something that eliminates entire food groups or limits you to one particular restaurant, it's very difficult to be healthy and meet all of your nutrition needs," Scritchfield said.

Still, Hall said she has never felt better.

"Nothing hurts anymore. I used to attribute some of my aches and pains to aging. My joints don't hurt, nothing hurts. I don't take any medication. I feel like a kid again," Hall said.

Dietitians say what worked for Hall may not work for everyone. They recommend talking to a doctor before pursuing any weight-loss plan.

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