Star Student: Sarah Nekoufar

Sarah Nekoufar is a star student.
Sarah Nekoufar is a star student.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - It's a busy life for Austin High School student Sarah Nekoufar, but she handles it well.

The 17-year-old senior plays clarinet for the high school band and practices piano on the side.

"I love being part of the band. Definitely one of my favorite memories from Austin," Nekoufar said.

Her teacher, band director John Cooper, said Nekoufar is not only a dedicated musician but a fine student as well.

"She's very involved. She's one of our IB students. She's been in band for four years," Cooper said.

But band is not the only activity that Nekoufar tackles daily. Nekoufar is also involved in different clubs like Junior Statesmen, International Club, and Interact.

Nekoufar also enrolled in JROTC after a colonel once told her that joining does not mean one has to go to the military.

"It's more like a disciplined program where you can learn responsibility and leadership," Nekoufar said.

Sarah embraced those lessons of responsibility and leadership when she visited Cambodia one summer for a month-long program sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

"We taught kids there and we helped build houses and roads. It was a good experience," Nekoufar said.

Her teachers said Nekoufar has a personal drive to do her best at every task she undertakes.

"She's not just a part of these groups. She wants to lead in these areas so she's worked very hard,"' Cooper said.

An interest in international affairs has also inspired Nekoufar to pursue a career in medicine while traveling the world.

"One thing I want to do when I'm older is work for Doctors Without Borders so I could travel around and help people in impoverished countries," Nekoufar said.

Nekoufar also participated in the Vanderbilt Model United Nations program, sponsored by JROTC.

"My parents always tell me to follow my dreams and do everything I can to get where I want to be," Nekoufar said.

Nekoufar said she plans to apply to the University of Alabama and Auburn for college but her dream school is Emory University with hopes of becoming an OB/GYN.

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