Madison City Schools announces bus route changes


Madison City Schools announced a number of bus route changes that will take effect Monday September 10.

Two new routes have been added to the regular routes and one route has been added to the special ed route due to overcrowding and long ride time.

Bob Jones, Discovery, Horizon and Mill Creek will be impacted by the changes.

The changes are as follows:

Mill Creek

If you live in Huntington Chase, Cedar Springs, or Taylors Crossing you will ride 09-13.

If you live in Hardiman Place, Hardiman Road, Stillwater Cove, Nora Drive, or Greenbriar Woods will ride bus 05-05.

If you live in Ashbury, or Brighton Park you will ride 08-35.

If you live in Whitworth Farms, or Cedar Acres you will ride 04-18.


If you live in Belle Grove Estates, All of Eastview (including Rodman, Collington Pl, and Lewter), and Indian Hills will ride 08-30.

If you live in Skyline, Oakbrook, Breckenridge, and Windstone you will ride 12-25.

If you live in Madison Town Centre, Mettalands, The Cedars, Clift Acres, and Brentwood will ride 13-27.


If you live in Hunters Chase Apts, Spence Trace Apts, Village Lane, Michael Avenue, Abby Lane, Liberty Manor, Abbington Downs, Cottonwood, MettaLand, The Cedars, Victoria Drive, and Belle Grove Estates will ride 04-16.

If you live in Madison Town Center, Crestview Estates, Sweetbriar, Kensington Drive, or Clifts Cove you will ride 13-27.

If you live in Pebblebrook, Stallion Run, Silver Creek, Leathertree, or Wellington you will ride 10-16.

If you live in Nolan Hills, Forest Hills, Ashley, Chadrick, Breckenridge, Brookstone or 418,380, or 522 Eastview you will ride 08-34.

If you live in Waverly Place Apts, Windstone, Skyline, Heatherwood, Valley Trailer Park, Indian Hills, Rodman Drive or Collington Place you will ride 12-25.

Bob Jones

If you live in Hunters Chase Apts., Sterling Trace Apts. Michael Avenue, Villiage Lane, Liberty Manor, Cottonwood, Horseshoe Bend, Abbington Downs, The Cedars, Mettalands, Bellgrove, or Victoria Drive you will ride 04-15.

If you live in Madison Town Center, Crestview Estates, Sweetbriar, Kensington Drive, or Clifts Cove you wil ride 01-07.

If you live in Ashley, Chadrick, Woodland Hills, Nolan Hills, Brookstone, Breckinridge, or Windstone you will ride 05-03.

If you live in Waverly Place Apts., Skyline, Heatherwood, Indian Hills, Valley Trailer Park, Rodman Drive, or Collington Drive you will ride 09-30.

No other routes are impacted.