'Snake grabbin'' growing in popularity

Don't try this at home
Don't try this at home

JACKSON, MS (WAFF) - There's a new sport in the South that is gaining some popularity.

It probably won't replace the national pastime, but it certainly will grab your attention. That's because this sport involves catching snakes with your bare hands.

Some might call it cool, others might call it crazy, and many will want to run in the opposite direction.

If you're not afraid of reptiles, you might be wondering where to sign up.

The group of guys who do the sport they've named "snake grabbin'," live near Jackson, Mississippi.

They call themselves the "Grab-U-One Outfitters" and they do the sport with the disclaimer "don't try this at home."

They say they know what kind of snakes they are grabbing, but you might not.

"The first thing is to keep the camera out of the water. When there are six of us out there in the water there is always a chance for mishaps. We've had pretty good luck catching snakes. No guy with us is shy of the camera. We all want to be stars," says Brent Shorter, the group's videographer.

They are also, putting their unusual pastime to good use. They raise money with their annual "Snake Grabbin' Rodeo" to give to those in need. They most recently donated to a 10-year-old cancer patient.

These guys are getting some national attention with their sport too. They use the videos they make for promotional DVD's. They just released their fifth video.

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