Teen charged in man's death appears in court

Austin Lockard in court.
Austin Lockard in court.

LINCOLN COUNTY, TN (WAFF) - A teen arrested in connection with a Tennessee man's death made his first appearance in court Thursday. Nineteen-year-old Austin Lockard is charged in connection with the death of Bradley Durham.

Durham was found in a ditch on Ardmore Highway in Lincoln County, Tennessee last month. Lockard is one of two teens charged with reckless endangerment, failure to render aid, aggravated assault and criminal responsibility.

Prosecutors asked the court to continue Lockard's case to determine if there is forensic evidence that could determine if Durham's death was an accident or murder.

Defense attorney Raymond Fraley said his clients picked up Durham, who was walking down the road, to give him a ride home. He said Durham jumped out of the vehicle.

"They didn't think Bradley Durham was hurt. It's not against the law to jump out of a truck," said Fraley. "He jumped out, they came back later, and he told my clients he wasn't injured. The next day they heard he was injured severely and died. My clients called the sheriff."

Prosecutors said they are on a fact-finding mission, looking closely for forensic evidence. Lockard's prelim hearing is set for November 30.

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