Murder trial begins for man charged with killing wife's ex

Joshua Andrew Phillips is charged with the murder of Albert Sanford.
Joshua Andrew Phillips is charged with the murder of Albert Sanford.

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A murder trial is underway in Marshall County where a man is charged with killing his wife's ex-husband.

Prosecutors told jurors that after they heard the evidence, they were confident they would come back with a guilty verdict.

Defense attorneys disagreed, telling jurors it was an accident.

Prosecutors put on their case against 24-year-old Joshua Andrew Phillips.

Phillips is charged with the October 2010 murder of 45-year-old Albert Sanford.

Prosecutors said Phillips drove to a mobile home where his wife was and got into an argument with Sanford.

That's when he ran over him with his truck just outside of the home.

Prosecutors also said one witness would testify that Phillips had made statements at a bar hours before that he was going to kill Sanford.

But the defense claims something different.

Phillips' attorney said Phillips' wife was out partying with the victim while Phillips was at home.

They claim Phillips only clipped Sanford with the truck when he came after him and that the defendant stopped to make sure he was ok before he left with his wife.

Sanford died a short time afterward.

The case is expected to continue into Thursday.

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