Isaac could cause West Nile outbreak

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - As the fight against West Nile Virus continues, people living along the Gulf Coast are now on high alert for an uptick in cases.

Health officials are worried about the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac in areas hardest hit by flooding.

With all that standing water, the big question is what could be lingering in it?

As to that answer, only time will tell. Experts are already saying this looks to be the worst year on record for the spread of the virus.

It has been found in every state, except Alaska and Hawaii. About 1600 infections have been reported, and 66 people have now died.

The majority of those cases are in six states, with Texas being the hardest hit. The effort to prevent it from spreading even further, is underway all over the country.

The spraying continued this weekend, from the air and on the ground, in rural areas, suburbs, and big cities.

In many places, fliers with important information like how to protect yourself and what symptoms to look for, are being passed out.

The CDC is on alert for a possible outbreak along the Gulf Coast, especially as cleanup after Hurricane Isaac gets under way.

In fact, it's offering to help areas dealing with flooding in order to prevent an outbreak.

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