HEMSI on standby in Baton Rouge

A HEMSI crew arrived in Baton Rouge Tuesday afternoon.

They are standing by to help victims of Hurricane Isaac.

Bryan Lee with HEMSI said, "Their big concern here is major flash flooding. They are worried about people getting stuck, not being able to drive, not being able to get out to safety."

He says the area has not flooded as of early Wednesday morning, but that the area received heavy rains and gusting winds overnight.

Those conditions are expected to pickup and last throughout the day.

The crew's mission is to evacuate people from homes in low-lying areas, as well as rescue anyone trapped by flood waters.

Lee explained that they cannot get to anyone at this time.

"When the wind dies down, is when we are going to be able to go to the areas that are flooded or that have damage. But the storm is going so slow, which is why it's going to come down on us so hard."

Another concern is being able to get their ambulances through flood waters to people's homes.

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