Gov. Bentley cancels plans to attend RNC as Isaac approaches

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - Governor Robert Bentley has canceled plans to attend the Republican National Convention as Tropical Storm Isaac veers in a possible path toward Alabama.

"I will not be leaving the state while there is a danger of a hurricane approaching our coast," Governor Bentley said.

"I am going to stay in Alabama and will continue to make sure preparations and resources are in place.  We will see our state through this storm until the danger has passed."

The governor along with the Alabama Department of Public Health has urged those in Alabama to keep watch for changing weather conditions.

Gov. Bentley said he is in contact with his EMA director and will be in touch with mayors and county commissioners in south Alabama.

A hurricane does not commonly impact Alabama but the governor says residents should stay prepared if Isaac hits the state.

"Some will heed the warning and some won't. But we want to encourage everyone to be ready and have their supplies ready, board up their houses and leave if necessary but we'll make all those calls as we watch this very closely," Gov. Bentley said.

Meanwhile, ADPH is advising people to prepare a "Get Ten" emergency kit. It includes recommended items like water, food, can openers, medicine, a first aid kit, a radio, and food and water for pets.

State leaders said if it comes to a point where the governor must evacuate the coast, they may have to reverse southbound lanes on the I-65 from mobile to Montgomery.

State officials said in that occasion, state troopers will oversee the exits.

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