Judo athletes react to Nick Delpopolo's Olympic expulsion

People at the gym where expelled American Olympic judo fighter Nick Delpopolo trained said his controversy puts a black eye on the sport.

Olympic officials took away his seventh place finish after he tested positive for marijuana. Delpopolo is the only American athlete to test positive for drugs at the London Olympic games. He said he unknowingly ate food that had marijuana baked into it.

The former Olympian trained at the same gym as Kayla Harrison, who took home the first ever Gold Medal for the U.S. in judo.

People at the gym said not only has the athlete's mistake embarrassed the U.S. and the sport, it is going to take away funding for future U.S. Olympic judo athletes. They're disappointed in the situation.

"It's just very unfortunate that this has been USA judo's best Olympics ever in its entire history of the sport, and it's just really unfortunate that it takes one athlete who doesn't follow the Olympic ideals to kind of tarnish the image of the team," said Riley McIlwain, who also trains at Pedro's Judo Center in Massachusetts.

Delpopolo issued an apology to his teammates and fans, saying he was embarrassed.

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