Driver of burning car pulls up to gas pump

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WAFF) - A driver pulled over in the worst possible place when he realized his car was on fire Monday afternoon near Birmingham. He went to a gas pump.

After firefighters put the fire out, the gas pump was destroyed. However, some quick thinking prevented the situation from becoming a lot worse.

Fire officials said the driver noticed smoke and flames coming from the inside of the car on the passenger side, and he pulled in to get water to put it out. The gas station attendant inside helped make sure no one got hurt by rushing to turn the pumps off before the fire could get to them.

Witnesses said they could not believe the driver pulled in right next to a gas pump.

"We were all freaking out hoping it wouldn't blow up, because we knew the explosion would be really bad," said Andrew Harden, who witnessed the fire.

Fire officials said drivers with a fire inside their vehicle should stay as far away from gas pumps as possible and immediately call for help.

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