Shark found at Guntersville boat landing

Shark found at Guntersville boat landing.
Shark found at Guntersville boat landing.

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A surprise discovery Wednesday at Lake Guntersville prompted a multi-agency response.

A man found a small, dead shark at a Guntersville boat landing Wednesday afternoon. It's unknown how the shark got there or how it died.

Fishing guide Michael Carter, the man who discovered the dead shark, said Wednesday night, after 50 years of fishing there, he had never seen anything like that.

"It was a very big surprise, especially when I realized what it was. I could tell just by the way it was laying that it wasn't a catfish or anything like that," he said.

Conservation officers, along with marine police and animal control, were called to the scene to investigate. One officer said it may be a bull shark, but it's unclear how long the shark has been dead or if it was dumped at the location.

Mike Henderson with animal control believes it could be a prank. While he said bull sharks can survive in fresh water, he believes it would be quite a challenge to make it up this far from the Gulf.

Carter also said, over the years, he has seen piranha swim in the lake, but never a shark.

There was a similar incident in 2008. In that case, someone staged a dead shark near the lake with a hook in its mouth. The shark in the current case is fresher and does not have a hook in its mouth or a hole where a hook had been.

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