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Heat can be dangerous for tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated and cool in high temperatures is important for your safety. Keeping your tires properly inflated and cool in high temperatures is important for your safety.

Extreme heat can expand the air inside tires. It all boils down to proper tire inflation.

The heat could be a dangerous condition for your tires.

Joe Jones operates Performance Tires in Huntsville.

He said air pressure could rise as much as 10 pounds inside tires during intense heat.

Too much inflation could cause your tire to lose traction. Tires could burst if you inflate them at extreme levels.

Not enough inflation could cause the tire to separate, in what's called a "blow out."

"Normally it's caused by a nail or a hole that has caused the tire to under-inflate and then the heat of the tire going down the road causes the tire to separate and come apart," said Jones.

Not having enough air in your tires is actually more dangerous than having too much air.

Jones said it is very unlikely that tires would actually melt or deteriorate on the street in North Alabama, as the heat must be extreme for that to happen.

But it does bring to attention the importance of keeping your tires cool.

Jones said cars produced after 2007 are equipped with low tire pressure alerts, but cars older than that must rely on a manual pressure gauge.

He said the PSI range runs in the 30's, but check the door panel in your car for the exact measurement.

The air in your tires acts as a coolant.

"The air in the tire acts as antifreeze in the car," said Jones. "It serves a dual purpose: keeps the tires inflated but also to keep the tires cool. So the proper amount of air inside the tire determines what will keep the tire cool as it's rolling down the highway."

Tire experts say to measure tire pressure in the mornings when your tires are cool.

This will give you the most accurate measurement.

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