Study shows Asian Americans as the largest group in the U.S.

Research showed Asian immigrants surpassed Hispanics.
Research showed Asian immigrants surpassed Hispanics.

NEW YORK (AP) - According to a new study, there are more than 18 million Asian Americans that live in the United States.

Researchers at Pew Institute said Asian Americans have now surpassed Hispanics as the largest new group in the U.S.

Experts said many Asians immigrants migrate to America for work. They said many have a high school or college education and they're able to fit in with a modern economy.

"These are people who picked up and moved across the world therefore they're highly motivated and they bring that strong motivation with them," said population change expert Leora Lawton

The study also showed that Asian Americans were for the most part content, well educated and valued family. The changing face of the U.S. population could also bring a shift in political clout, but members with the Asian Law Caucus caution against the rosy picture painted by the report.

"There are still many Asian Americans who are limited English proficient, very low income and even up to 10 percent of the Asian immigrant American community is undocumented," said Chris Punongbayan

Experts believed Hispanic immigrants suffer more than Asian immigrants when the economy is down. They said many don't have a high school education.

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