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Some residents unsure about Dynetics expanding into area

Huntsville-based Dynetics is expanding to Jackson County. Huntsville-based Dynetics is expanding to Jackson County.

A Huntsville based company is looking to bring new jobs to Jackson County with a testing facility, but not everyone is happy about it.

For some residents of a small community where the company plans to put their facility, they're concerned it could change their way of life.

Larkinsville is a small and very peaceful community located just a few miles outside of Scottsboro and people there say that's what makes it great.

"Nature itself: the birds, the deer, the squirrels, the wildlife in general," said Kym Rice White, a community member.

But Dynetics is looking to purchase a 1500 acre tract of land in the community.

Kym Rice White said she's concerned about the impact such a large company will have.

"Noise, the loss of the nature, the elderly, the  young," White said.

"Dynetics is a great company and they've been looking here for some time," said Dus Rogers, EDA president.

But Jackson County has seen a nearly full percentage point increase in unemployment in the last month.

Rogers feels new jobs would be a shot in the arm for the community.

"It's good for Jackson County, and it's good for our business.  Bring some white collar people who are working in Madison County possibly back to Jackson County," he said.

Local officials will only say the company is looking at scientific research and development services.

Resident Jonathan Terrell said he doesn't have safety concerns.

White, however, said she has quality of life concerns.

"If they're going to hire a lot of people, I think it's great.  If they're going to use it as a test site, I think it's terrible," she said.

White said if the company locates in Larkinsville, she's also concerned about a reduction in home values, health concerns, and it may also cause people not to want to move to the area.

Dynetics is considering expansion into Jackson County with a test facility for small-scale testing. The amount of explosives used would be significantly smaller, about 1/200 the typical charge used in a rock quarry.

The company is looking at a site in rural Jackson County in the Larkinsville area to perform a variety of testing services.

Complete details have not been disclosed due to ongoing negotiations.

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