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85 dogs found at Madison home, only 39 survive

The house where the dogs were found. The house where the dogs were found.

The Madison Police Department is investigating an animal cruelty case after finding several dead dogs at a residence.

Officials said they responded to an odor complaint at a residence on Crestview Drive Thursday morning.

Investigators said when they arrived, they found numerous dogs inside in poor living conditions. Some of the dogs were already dead.

Numerous agencies, including The Ark and animal rescue services, are working to save the remaining dogs.

Madison Police said 85 dogs were found inside the home. They said only 39 dogs are alive and being treated and held at various veterinarian offices.

Some of them may have to be put down because they are in such bad shape. 

Investigators said the house is uninhabitable and is extremely unsanitary.

Neighbors said they didn't know something so disturbing was happening so close to home.

"We knew there were quite a few dogs in the house, especially when they would leave, we would hear them barking and banging up against the doors and windows, but I thought it was five or six of them," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

Nina Beal, Founder of The Ark, said the dogs have a long road ahead before they can be adopted.

"When they are in this type of situation, the way they would look will shock you - the mats, the fleas, the ticks, the disease, the lack of malnourishment," Beal said. "They aren't social like they should be because there are just too many there to be socialized and so it can be a very heart breaking situation for anybody that loves animals."

Beal said most people who hoard animals have good intentions.

"They have a kind, loving heart and they feel sorry and pity, and they do things sometimes on a whim and the next thing you know it's totally out of control," Beal said. "And when it gets to a point that you cannot love and care for those animals in a proper manner to where they can live a happy quality of life, then don't get anymore."

Charges have not been filed against the elderly couple who lives in the home, pending an investigation.

Individuals wishing to help with donations or adopt a rescued dog can contact the Madison Animal Rescue Foundation through www.madisonarf.org or (256) 658-8607.

Adoptions can be made through Whitworth Animal Clinic at 106 Rainbow Dr. in Madison, (256) 830-1503.

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