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Wanted: Time machine test subject


A person claiming to have built a working time machine is seeking a human test subject through Craigslist.

"Due to the dimensions of the machine, you must be shorter than 6'3" and weigh less than 230 pounds," reads the Craigslist ad.

The person who placed the ad, Brian, wants a male time traveler for personal reasons. He says he thinks a man should be the first to time travel because men were the first to fly an airplane and to walk on the moon.

The test subject will supposedly earn $3,000 and bragging rights of being the first person to ever travel back in time. The lucky subject must also sign a waiver agreeing to these three things:

1. The inventor is not responsible for anything that happens during time travel.
2. The time traveler is forbidden from interfering in matters that would disrupt the current timeline. "i.e. killing Hitler, warning Hitler about D-Day, etc."
3. The time traveler is not allowed to travel back in time for the purposes of tearing up the waiver before it's been signed, "thereby negating this waiver you're about to sign."

"I built a time machine, I'm no moron," said Brian in the ad.

The listing also outlines some of the dangers a time traveler may face. The inventor claims to have sent a dog into the past.

"He hasn't yet returned, but that's just because animals don't know how to rendezvous," read the listing. "We would like for you to bring him back, if at all possible."

The person who posted the ad listed a phone number and signed off, "No this is not a joke."

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