WIC offers nutritional assistance for low income moms

WIC helps single moms with food and formula.
WIC helps single moms with food and formula.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Nine month old Zack Taylor is getting a great start in life with help from his mom and the Women, Infants and Children's Program.

Zack's mom said the program has helped her pocketbook.

"It came in handy because of the bread and the peanut butter and the milk and the cereal provided for me as a breastfeeding mom," said Beth Taylor. "Then, as Zack got older and started cereal and fruits and stuff it provided that for me as well."

As Zack grows it continues to offer assistance, like when Beth stopped breast feeding.

"Per month, the formula is over a hundred dollars that we receive and the food is roughly about 25 to 30 dollars that we get in his cereal," said Taylor.

All total, she said it's about $150 to $175 worth of food per month, a big boost when you're on a budget.

Moms are encouraged to breast feed their newborns, and there is a free pump program also available. Like Zack, little ones can also have formula.

WIC begins helping children with nutrition while they are in the womb.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and many things are very important a pregnant woman. Nutritious diets help insure a healthy birth, and WIC supplies these things.

Ashley LouAllen is a nutritionist with the health department.

"We actually qualify for the farmer's market nutrition program," said LouAllen.

Participants can take their vouchers to the market to get farm fresh vegetables and fruits.

"To know if you qualify, really all you have to do is just call one of the local health departments and we'll be glad to tell you over the phone, based on your family size whether you income qualify or not and from there we can set up an appointment," said LouAllen

Proof of residency, proof of income and I.D. is required at that time.

For little ones like Zack and his mom, that can be an extra blessing.

"It gives us extra money for diapers, for wipes, for clothes for him."

WIC is a federal program administered through state and local health departments.  To check financial eligibility requirements visit their website.

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