WAFF 48 Star Student : Avery Williams

Avery WIlliams is WAFF 48's star student.
Avery WIlliams is WAFF 48's star student.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Avery Williams loves to learn, so much so that it is sometimes hard for this 11-year-old to decide which class she enjoys most.

"I love all of them, but science is really fascinating," said Williams.

The mayor recently found her science project fascinating. The Columbia Elementary fifth grader received special recognition from the mayor's office for her science fair presentation on biomass energy.

"I tested three different plants and saw which one produced the most biomass," said Williams.

It is no surprise Avery makes A's in science. She makes them in all of her other classes as well.

"Avery is a wonderful student. She is the type of student that when you ask her to do an assignment, she doesn't just do the assignment; she goes above and beyond what is asked of her," said teacher Laura Stults.

Speaking of above and beyond, we found that she does just that in her sketch pad. She is quite an artist. In fact, you've probably seen her work at the Panoply Arts Festival. It is on display every year.

However, while she enjoys art, she loves the art of acting.

"I just love how you can be so many different people," said Williams.

Avery has been acting for years in plays such as "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Bugsy Malone". She wants to be an actress when she grows up, and said she wants to be as good as Johnny Depp.

"He can just fit into any background. It's crazy," said Williams.

While acting is her ultimate goal, she also knows how important her education and her other extracurricular activities are.

"I want to be an actress, but what if that doesn't work out? I can take up another thing and the things I've done now can help with that," said Williams.

For being a "star" on the stage and off, Avery Williams is a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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