Alabama man converts truck into electric

Sebourn converted his S-10 pickup to electric.
Sebourn converted his S-10 pickup to electric.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - For many southern men a rite of passage is the ownership of a truck, but for one Boeing retiree who fills his time with a golf cart business, common sense and the high price of gas have driven him to a new venture.

"This is a normal 1996, S-10 pickup", said Dale Sebourn.

At least it was until Dale Sebourn decided to use his "smarts" and avoid the high gas prices by converting it.

"All the electronics are on the upper level, and the motor and some batteries are underneath," said Sebourn. "We have a vacuum pump to run the breaks. We have a 12-volt battery that stays charged off of the converter."

There are more batteries in the back under the bed. The conversion makes his gas prices much less.

"I can charge it for a $1.50 overnight, and I can run 60 miles on that charge," said Sebourn.

There is no loud engine, just the quiet of his electric system. He got the idea from his other business.

"The similarity between [a golf cart] and the truck is pretty standard. [The golf cart] has a battery pack just like the truck does, and you recharge it just like you do the truck, so the basically the truck is just like a large golf cart."

He said he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

"This is a joy to drive; it's completely different."

The conversion wasn't cheap, though.

"I've got about $12-thousand dollars in it with the paint, tires and wheels and everything," said Sebourn.

He said it has a top speed of 78 miles per hour. He said it was time consuming but is confident it will pay off. Sebourn said people asked him about converting other vehicles, but he says no, he just wanted to do it one time.

Sebourn said it took him two years, working in his spare time, to convert the truck.