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Huntsville Ghost Walk offers stories from beyond

The ghost walk stories history came from the help of a medium. The ghost walk stories history came from the help of a medium.

Jacquelyn Reeves is a tour guide for Huntsville's tour guide. She tells the groups stories of the past.

"What makes us different from most ghost walks is that we researched with a medium and we knew the history. He did not know the history. He's not from here," said Reeves.

The walk includes plenty of stories of Huntsville's past including a number from the old bank.

"What we know is that there is a woman inside by the name of Lilly, and she's from the mid 1800's era. She says she knew George Steele, the architect that built this building, but he's been gone a long time now," said Reeves.

Reeves' group was told that Theophilus Lacy, credited with hiding gold from ransacking union soldiers, isn't well liked by the female apparition.  

"She says he was a lazy sob. I did a lot of the work for him and I covered for him," said Reeves.

East Side Square housed an inn where President James Monroe made a surprise visit to Huntsville in 1819.

"Our medium picked up that these people were here, and there was a lot of military people who had come with him and gathered with him during the event, and he picked up that they were playing music," added Reeves.

One gruesome story revolves around the haunting of the Madison County Courthouse. 

"In the year 1904 a man by the name of Elias Waldrop was found brutally murdered. When they caught the man they thought committed the murder, he was taken to the jail," said Reeves. The tale goes that some vigilantes broke him out of jail and dragged down the street to the courthouse.

"They drug him right to where we are right now and they lynched him from a tree; it was a horrible lynching. Somebody had cut off his little finger as a souvenir," said Reeves.

She said others cut off pieces of his pants, and he stayed there until the next day. That man, Horace Maples, is the spirit who allegedly haunts the courthouse, angry and rushing at people who wear a uniform.

Part of the ghost walk tour focuses on the Leroy Pope Mansion. Pope was one of the founding fathers of this area. He owned the mansion and a lot of the land surrounding it. It's been reported at night, you can hear and see the ghosts of slaves walking this fence line praying out loud for Jesus to come and take them home.

The ghost walk starts in June every Saturday and runs through October. Fridays are added in October.

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