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Attorney launches social media campaign for Zimmerman

George Zimmerman's lawyer has launched a blog, Twitter feed and a Facebook page for his client. (Source: CNN) George Zimmerman's lawyer has launched a blog, Twitter feed and a Facebook page for his client. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) – Mark O'Mara, the attorney representing George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman accused of shooting Trayvon Martin, made good on his promise to create a new media link to his client after previously erasing his internet presence.

A Facebook, Twitter feed @GZlegalCase and blog have been created by the O'Mara Law Group in an effort to provide insight into the defense of Zimmerman.

"We understand that it is unusual for a legal defense to maintain a social media presence on behalf of a defendant, but we also acknowledge that this is a very unusual case," said a statement on the blog.  

In the blog's second post, the group explained the reasons behind its use of social media:

  • Discrediting and eliminating fraudulent websites and social profiles.
  • Disputing misinformation.
  • Discouraging speculation.
  • Acknowledging the larger significance of the case.
  • Providing a forum for communication with the law firm.
  • Providing a voice for Mr. Zimmerman.
  • Raising funds.

The law group also posted that a website for Zimmerman's defense would soon be up and available for donations.

The Facebook page includes a recent post titled, "A note about moderation," explaining that while they welcome both support and criticism, they will remove posts that are deemed inappropriate. 

Inappropriate posts could include profane or racially charged language, speculation on the facts of the case, or a threat.

The Facebook page has already received a large response from the public.

"I'm so glad that this website was set-up. I have followed this case from the beginning when the NAACP wrote the letter to D.O.J." commented Stephen Kenji Le Brocq.

"I think this site is highly sensational and is truly trying to sway public opinion. As a law abiding African American woman, I'm finding this excessive. And I'm appalled," said Celeste Smith.

This development comes just days after Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. refused to raise bond for George Zimmerman at a hearing held Friday, despite being made aware that Zimmerman had more than $200,000 in an account set up for his legal defense.

The blog also addresses the discovery deadline, a time in which legal counsels must hand over all evidence and arguments to the opposing side.

"We are concerned about the release of witness information to the general public, solely due to safety concerns," reads an April 29 post on the blog.

The law group explained it is "delaying demanding the discovery until we can file motions to protect these witnesses. Once that is in place, discovery will flow to us, then the media and the public has access to it, under our rules."

O'Mara also further explained the now infamous ‘stash of cash,' stating that the money was raised through three websites, all linked to PayPal accounts.

Two of the sites were run by friends of Zimmerman, while the third,, was administered by Zimmerman himself before O'Mara took the website down.  

If convicted, Zimmerman could be sentenced to life in prison. He claims he shot the Martin in self-defense.

An affidavit filed with the court stated Zimmerman shot Martin in his gated Sanford community while the teenager was returning to his father's fiancee's house after stopping at a nearby 7-Eleven.

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